Remembering our beloved Fur babies

Remembering our beloved Fur babies

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After two years ago finding out that our beloved border collie Pappitto , had a brain tumor, I started creating a line of pet paw jewelry. This started with his actual paw print in silver. From there I have been creating a line for those of us who love our fur babies. Unfortunately, I lost him a year and a half after his first seizure. It was a rough ride for my husband and I, as well as for Gandolf, our other border collie. I will always treasure the silver paw print that I made

A few weeks ago a customer came into the store and noticed my line of pet jewelry. We started talking about how special our pups are to us, and she had recently lost her fur baby. I told her that I could make a necklace that we could put his ashes in and he could be with her always. We mulled over ideas for a special necklace to remember her best friend. We talked about a few different ideas, and she wanted to think about it. Later that evening, she text me, with some suggestions for the necklace. We text back and forth and we came up with an idea that would be simple, yet so special. Having two babies myself, I clearly understood the importance of this necklace. The only problem with fur babies, is they don’t live long enough. We love them as puppies, and that love continues as we comfort them when they are not so spry anymore.

With the recent loss of this regal looking dude, Mitchell or “Sir Mitchell“ as she called him. She had been trying to find a way to keep him with her and this necklace will allow her to have him by her forever. That special bond she had with “Sir Mitchell” will always be remembered, as she has him with her. It is never easy when they cross over the rainbow bridge, but we know they will be running and jumping with all of their friends, with plenty of yum yum treats for all!

This necklace looks great on You Jackie!