Paw Prints of a Special Pack

Apr 1st 2018

A few weeks ago one of my customers contacted about doing a house call to do some paw prints. 

A year or so ago I did a paw print for Wara, her husky.

Wara was a special pup to her.  

She has a house full of pups and kitties.  One special big boy was not doing so well and she was worried his time was limited.  So my husband and I made the trek to her home.  We came prepared to do paw prints for the whole crew.  We did the special boy first.

This is Mr. Jete, so sorry he is no longer with you guys, but happy we made the decision to get there as soon as we did.  

Here is some of the rest of the pack.

Such an awesome pic.

The crew enjoying the beach.

We also did two kitties, that yes are also part of the pack.

The copper paw prints are their actual paw prints and are so special to those of us who love of fur babies. Our fur babies are such an important part of our lives.